Mission Statement: “To Serve and Protect the Citizens of Douglas County”

The Uniform Patrol Division is an integral part of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. The Uniform Patrol Division is made up of the following sub-divisions:

The Uniform Patrol Division operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and is the first responder to crimes committed within the physical boundaries of Douglas County. Patrol deputies provide emergency response in life threatening situations and non-emergency assistance to a variety of criminal, traffic, medical, and civil matters as well as natural disasters that may impact the overall quality of life. Patrol deputies provide a full range of law enforcement services to the residents of Douglas County.

“When you have no courage, you have no honor….When you have no honor, you have no truth!”


Uniform Patrol FAQ

Question: What do I do if I feel like the deputy that came to my house or answered the complaint I called in did not handle my situation the way I thought best?

Answer: If a citizen calls in, regarding a complaint that he/she feels wasn’t handled properly, the complaint will be pulled and the report reviewed. Upon completion of review, the deputy will be conferred with and the complainant will be called back and informed of the findings.

Uniform Patrol Contact Information

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Patrol Division
8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd
Douglasville, GA 30134

Name Position Phone
Capt. Dwayne Worthan Division Commander 678-486-1218
1st Lt. John Jewell Division Supervisor 678-486-1219
Lt. Andy Cooke A-Team Shift Supervisor 770-920-4967
Lt. Donnie Parker B-Team Shift Supervisor 770-920-7142
Lt. Ryan Cadwell C-Team Shift Supervisor 770-920-4909
Lt. Josh Lipscomb D-Team Shift Supervisor 678-486-1310