Traffic Safety Unit

The traffic safety unit consist of 5 Deputies one of which is a Sergeant. Each man on this unit has varying years of experience but, all are well seasoned veterans of the road. All are also highly trained and are senior deputies. These deputies are educated in running Radar/Laser, Field Sobriety.

Each year across the United States 50,000 people die in traffic related accidents. The TSU works to ensure daily that fatalities are reduced by running Radar/Laser, checking motorists for DUI – Alcohol or Drugs, and checking traffic complaints throughout the day. Also, TSU helps any stranded motorist whether on a county road or the Interstate.

The TSU usually works in the daytime and can be called out to assist at night. The primary responsibilities for the unit are to handle traffic, traffic complaints, traffic accidents and assist patrol anytime when needed.

We work closely with GSP to assist with accidents and fatalities. Because of budget shortfalls and a higher workload for GSP we are sending men to the Accident Reconstruction class to be more familiar and better able to assist the people in the county.

We also work closely with the Douglas County DOT to help solve any traffic related engineering problems and cooperate with any other agency needing our assistance.