The Civil Division is tasked with the responsibility of serving civil processes received from the Courts of Douglas County, as well as other jurisdictions. In addition to process service, this division executes court orders that include the completion of Evictions, Writs of Possession and the collection of other judgments issued by the courts.

Civil Process Fees

Civil Process Fee
Serve copy of process and returning original $50.00
Subpoena (Witness) without return $10.00
Subpoena with return $50.00
Levy or Writ of FIFA $50.00
Search/Return Nullo Bona $20.00
Executing a Writ of Possession $25.00

**Payment must be made in the form of a check or money order. We do not accept cash or credit cards.**

Civil Process Matters FAQ

Question: What is the Dispossessory process?

Answer: The Dispossessory process begins with the Court of origin (typically the State or Magistrate Court). Once the tenant has been served, a 7 day period must pass, which provides the tenant an opportunity to answer the proceeding. Should no answer be filed, the Landlord may request that the court issue a Writ of Possession for the property. If the court grants the writ, the Landlord may then take control of the property. Should assistance of the Sheriff be necessary to keep the peace during the removal of the defendant, the Landlord may secure such service by the payment of 25.00 per writ. Evictions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis for individual Landlords. Companies also provide eviction services by providing labor and other services to their clients.

Question: How many times will the Sheriff try to serve my process?

Answer: Deputies will make two attempts; one during the day time and one at night.

Question: Why do I have to pay another fee, in addition to the fees I paid the court for my eviction?

Answer: This fee is for the Deputy Sheriff to be present and keep the peace during the removal of the defendant from the property. Some tenants vacate the property when requested and assistance of the Sheriff is not necessary.

Question: When I send process for service, what should I include?

Answer: The process to serve, no additional copies will be needed. An entry of service if within the state of Georgia. An affidavit of service if outside the state or the proper form provided by the court. A return envelope with your address clearly printed.

Question: What address should I use to mail my legal papers to you?

Answer: When mailing process to the Sheriff’s Office for service from other jurisdictions please use the following address:

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Attention: Civil Division
8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd.
Douglasville, GA 30134

Civil Division Contact Information

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Civil Division
8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd
Douglasville, GA 30134
Phone: 678-486-1203
Fax: 678-486-1258

Name Position Phone
Capt. Allen Watkins Division Commander 770-920-4936
Lt. Matt Gray Division Supervisor 770-920-4991
Sgt. Liz Graham Unit Supervisor 770-577-5101
Dep. Mikel Callahan Civil Deputy 770-920-4983
Dep. Anthony Cassity Civil Deputy 678-486-1207
Dep. Jeff Lentz Civil Deputy 678-486-1217
Dep. Travis Mason Civil Deputy 678-486-1298
Dep. Johnny Price Civil Deputy 770-577-1293
Dep. Brooke Stanley Transport Deputy 678-486-1329
Dep. Tommy Smith Civil Deputy 770-920-4977
Lindsey Wood Civil Clerk 678-486-1203