Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

The Criminal Investigations Division of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, or CID, currently has a total of 41 members. The division commander is Captain Jon Mauney. The division operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The division is broken up into four units:

  • Crimes Against Persons Unit
  • Crimes Against Property Unit
  • Major Case Unit
  • Special Investigations Division (Narcotics and Vice)

Included in each of these units is a Sergeant who is in charge. We have a crime scene unit that processes major crime scenes and an evidence custodian that secures and stores all the evidence collected from the various crime scenes and cases investigated. We have one secretary and a full time Latent Fingerprint Examiner who operates AFIS and IAFIS, who assists with secretarial duties at times.

The purpose of CID is to investigate all types of crimes occurring within Douglas County, to determine the identity of perpetrators of these crimes based upon the facts and evidence, to arrest or cause the issuance of arrest warrants where appropriate and to coordinate with the prosecuting attorney throughout the criminal prosecution of the offender.

The Major Case Unit is primarily responsible for the investigation of homicides, robberies, and other crimes with aggravated injury or high monetary loss.

The Crimes Against Persons Unit is responsible for the investigation of major felony crimes relating to armed robbery, assaults, rape and other sex related crimes, crimes against children and domestic violence incidents. This unit works closely with DEFAC’s (Department of Family and Children Services) as well as other local groups such as the Domestic Violence Task Force to help recognize and gather evidence and information to substantiate criminal acts and arrest those responsible.

The Crimes Against Property Unit is responsible for the investigation of the crimes of burglary, theft, fraud, forgery, motor vehicle theft, and other similar type crimes. Some of the groups this unit works with include GSIN (Georgia State Intelligence Network) and GATIC (Georgia Auto Theft Intelligence Council).

The Criminal Investigations Division is also responsible for identifying and compiling intelligence on any gang activity in the county. Other agencies or groups that the unit works with include the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), Juvenile Programs (formally ASAP), Jumpstart, Watchful Eye, Truancy Panel, ADAP Training and Douglas County Core.

Abuse Cases and Missing or Abducted Children

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office maintains trained and experienced staff for:

  • Abuse cases
  • Child Pornography
  • Missing and Abducted children
  • Internet Safety
  • Prevention of missing and abducted children
  • Utilizing Amber Alerts if a abduction occurs

When dealing with a possible missing child situation, it is important to understand safety and prevention methods that may minimize and resolve these types of situations.

  • It is essential to maintain current head and shoulders photograph, e.g., recent school photo no more than six months old, of your children.
  • Keep photos in an accessible place for any parent or guardian.
  • Educate yourself and your children to know what to do if your child is missing.
  • Immediately search your home, including all areas into where a child may crawl or hide.
  • If you don’t find your child, immediately call Law Enforcement and notify them.
  • If your child becomes missing in a store or public place, notify the store manager/ supervisor immediately and call Law Enforcement.

In many abuse cases abuse it is not a stranger that is the perpetrator, but someone that the family and child may know. Therefore, it is important to educate children on how to react to a situation whether it is a stranger or someone they trust. Provide rules or guidelines that will help them understand what to do if they experience a situation. Explain to them to always talk to their parent or guardian if:

  • It is safe for them to go anywhere with another person.
  • It is safe to accept anything from another person.
  • They experience a situation of possible abuse (sexual or physical) and help them understand what are good and bad touches.

Maintaining communication with your child is important to help ensure they will know what to do and whom to tell if they experience a situation.

Internet Safety

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office investigates numerous crimes that revolve around the use of the Internet:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Stalking
  • Child pornography

CID Directory & Contact Information

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Criminal Investigations Division
8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd.
Douglasville, GA 30134
Fax: 770-920-7135
Tipline: 678-486-1253

Name Phone
Capt. Jon Mauney 770-920-4993
Lt. Ken Aycock 678-486-1296
Lt. Chuck Catlin 678-486-1237
Sgt. Rachel Gomez 770-920-4987
Sgt. Jay Hayes 770-920-4905
Sgt. Josh Miller 678-486-1252
Sgt. Aprile Thompson 678-486-1250
Inv. Harry Citizen 678-486-1274
Inv. Erin Garner 678-486-1280
Inv. Diana Hutcheson 678-486-1204
Inv. Andrew Hynninen 678-486-1245
Inv. Myrlene Jean 770-920-4916
Inv. Kevin Jones 678-486-1254
Inv. Nathan Mitchell 770-577-5108
Inv. Rodney Pettaway 678-486-1242
Inv. Thomas Puckett 770-920-4918
Inv. Jay Smith 770-920-4992
Inv. Taylor Smith 678-486-1294
Inv. Kenneth Watts 678-486-1229
Inv. Melinda Wright 770-920-4910
Dep. Christopher Hall (Crime Analyst) 678-486-1261
Crime Scene & Evidence
Lt. Greg Ashcraft 770-920-4911
Inv. DJ Black 770-920-4914
Inv. Nicole Quibell 770-920-4912
Inv. Joe Williams 678-486-1234
Rhonda Hays 770-577-5105

Special Investigations Division (SID)

The Special Investigations Division (SID) is primarily responsible for investigations involving organized crime, vice, narcotics and the gathering, analysis, dissemination of intelligence concerning unlawful activities. SID agents are also tasked with investigations assigned to them from the Douglas County Sheriffs office command staff. Officers assigned to this unit work closely with other law enforcement agencies to include the DEA, ATF and the GBI.

Due to the nature of this type of work, schedules for officers assigned to this unit vary greatly. During most working weeks, an agent is available Monday-Friday 8-5 to take complaints or answer any questions the public may have.

Everyone is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s office if they have specific information about crimes occurring in Douglas County, Georgia. All information provided will be kept confidential in nature. Voicemail is also available and all messages will be kept confidential as well.

SID Directory & Contact Information

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Special Investigations Division
8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd.
Douglasville, GA 30134
Fax: 770-920-7135
Tipline: 678-486-1253

Name Phone Number
Capt. Jon Mauney 770-920-4993
Lt. Ken Aycock 678-486-1296
Sgt. Rachel Gomez 770-920-4987
Sgt. William Fields 678-486-1225

Office of Professional Standards FAQ

Question: What type of complaints are investigated?

Answer: Any activity which is of concern to any citizen may be reported to O.P.S. The investigating officer will explain the investigative procedure to the complainant.

Question: Can I make an anonymous complaint?

Answer: Complaints may be anonymous. However, it is often necessary to contact a complainant to obtain further information about an incident. Each case will be investigated as fully as possible with the information provided.

Question: Who may I contact to make a complaint?

Answer: Any officer of this agency is authorized to receive and document a complaint, or that officer may refer the complaint to the highest ranking officer presently on duty. All complaints are forwarded to the proper authority for investigation.

Question: Will the deputy know the name of the complainant?

Answer: The Constitution of the United States authorizes a person accused of a crime to confront witnesses against him or her. In many cases, investigations are completed without revealing the original complainant.

Question: Are O.P.S. investigations public record?

Answer: Ten days after the completion of an O.P.S investigation, the file becomes subject to an Open Records Request.

Question: Will I know the outcome of the investigation?

Answer: Complainants are notified of the results of the investigation by the investigating officer or the O.P.S. supervisor.

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