Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team

The Douglas County Sheriff Emergency Response Team or S.E.R.T. Team was formed in 2000, and is composed of highly trained Deputies. These Deputies are trained in tactics to counter the threats posed by well-armed and violent suspects. Including calls such as but not limited to: Dangerous Felons, Barricaded suspects, Hostages, Escaped Prisoners, etc.

The mission of the Douglas County S.E.R.T Team is to provide a highly trained and skilled tactical team as a resource for the county in handling critical incidents in order to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, Deputies, and suspects.

The Douglas County S.E.R.T Team is divided into several different components: Entry Team, Snipers, Explosive Breachers, and Negotiation Team.

The Douglas County S.E.R.T Team has taken first place each year it has hosted the Douglas County Swat Round-Up. Several members of the S.E.R.T Team have taken first place in Swat competitions such as Sniper competition, Pistol competition, Top Cop competition, and Obstacle Course competition.

In 2010, the Douglas County S.E.R.T Team added a Lenco Bearcat to its Team. The Bearcat is a fully armored vehicle that provides protection for each team member. The vehicle was purchased with confiscated drug funds. The Bearcat is vehicle 591 this is the badge number for fallen S.E.R.T Team member Blake Gammill.