The primary responsibility of the Warrant Division is the processing and execution of criminal arrest warrants and assisting other law enforcement agencies in and around Douglas County. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Division received over 11,000 criminal warrants in 2016 . When a criminal warrant is received in the Warrant Division an immediate process begins towards the execution of the warrant. This process includes recording the warrant in the Sheriff’s Office computer database, identifying the suspect, checking the criminal history of the suspect and placing the wanted person on the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. Once this process has been completed, the warrant is assigned to uniform deputies or to the Fugitive Section where attempts are made to locate and apprehend the wanted person.

A typical day for a warrant deputy includes pursuing leads, gathering information, searching houses or businesses, and ultimately affecting the arrest of wanted individuals. Often volatile and unpredictable situations develop resulting in the individual trying to resist or escape. It is not uncommon for warrant deputies to have to travel throughout the state to pick up individuals who are wanted by Douglas County.

Fugitive and Warrants Division Contact Information

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Fugitive and Warrants Division
8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd
Douglasville, GA 30134
Fax: 678-486-1258

Name Position Phone
Capt. Allen Watkins Division Commander 770-920-4936
Lt. Randy Daniell Unit Commander 770-920-4976
Sgt. Dale Kelley Unit Commander 770-920-4903
Inv. Hosea Gainer Fugitive Investigator 678-486-1215
Inv. Joey Garland US Marshals Service 678-873-6747
Inv. Rodney Howard Fugitive Investigator 770-920-4982
Inv. Michael Wheeler Fugitive Investigator 770-577-5102
Dep. Anthony Cassity Warrant Deputy 678-486-1207
Dep. Brad Northcutt Warrant Deputy 770-920-4404
Beverly Dibble Warrants Clerk 678-486-1283
Paula Sellers Warrants Clerk 770-920-7141