Two Arrested for Shipping Heroin

In early July 2019, the Douglas Sheriff’s office Special investigations Division (SID) received information from the Cobb County Sheriff’s office about shipments of heroin, being sent to the Cobb County Jail. Over the course of the investigation, it was determined that the packages were originating from a residence in Douglas County on Splitrock Lane. The packages were being sent to an inmate by the name of Aaron Jacklin. The packages had been intercepted on more than one occasion by Cobb County officials.

Agents with SID were able to secure a search warrant for the residence located in Douglas County. Agents with the Special Investigations Division and the Sheriff’s Crime Suppression Unit executed the search warrant on July 12, 2019. While executing the warrants, agents and deputy’s recovered approximately 3.5 ounces of Heroin from the residence. It was determined that the packages were being sent to Cobb County from the inmate Mr. Aaron Jacklin’s mother, Dina Jacklin. Mrs. Jacklin was present during the warrants execution.

Mrs. Jacklin was taken into custody and charged with Trafficking Heroin and conspiracy to commit a felony. Warrants were taken for her son Aaron, for conspiracy to commit a felony. Mrs. Jacklin declined to make a statement to Sheriffs officials.