Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Multiple Entering Autos

On June 24, 2018, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was notified of 40 cases of car break-ins in subdivisions off Riverside Pkwy as well as in the Brittni Place subdivision. It is believed that a 12-person crew is responsible for those break-ins. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division has been working closely with other agencies and jurisdictions including the DeKalb Police Department, the Cobb County Police Department, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and the Harrallson County Sheriff’s Office to identify members of this crew. So far, eight suspects have been identified. Six are in custody, and four still need to be identified. It is believed that several juveniles are part of this crew. Please contact Inv. Jones at 678-486-1254 or if you have any information about the identity and/or whereabouts of the remaining suspects.

A second two-man crew is believed to be behind another 40-60 entering autos targeting vehicles in the Brittni Place subdivision as well as locations in Carrollton and Villa Rica. Those car break-ins occurred on or around August 10, 2018. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division worked with the Cobb County Police Department, Brookhaven Police Department, Villa Rica Police Department, and the Carrollton Police Department to identify, locate, and arrest these individuals. One is currently in custody, and both have multiple active warrants.