Community Day at Mt. Vernon Point and Greythorne

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office recently participated in a community day event for Mt. Vernon Point and Greythorne. Below is an excerpt from the thoughtful thank you letter we received.

The HOA Boards for both Mount Vernon Point (MVP) and Greythome (GT) communities would like to express our appreciation for honoring our outreach request for Douglas County Sheriffs Office (DCSO) to participate in our annual community day festivities this past Saturday.

Complementing our delicious food trucks, balloon artist, moonwalk, video game truck, etc. fun, was the popular DCSO Polar Patrol with delightful ice cream and the impressive Sound Truck to pump-up our spirit. DCSO’s trio of Horn, Wilson, and Brooks offered a very special engagement to our community event. Their interaction with our residents, generosity of canopy covers for the hot sun, and sincere interest in being a part of this event truly made a difference. It was truly awesome! You guys rock!

Next time, we’re looking forward to having them and you join us in line dancing. We are happy to have DCSO as our neighbors-in-law.