Welcome Home, Capt. Brown

Please join in with Sheriff Pounds and staff in celebrating some wonderful news. Retired Captain Ross Brown has been in a hospital or a rehab facility since August of last year battling COVID 19-related illnesses. Today, he was released from the hospital and is recovering well. This is a huge, answered PRAYER. Ross worked for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office for 31 years and had to retire because of COVID. He served as the Captain of Court Services along with many other assignments and positions in his tenure.

Today, the SCOPE Division escorted retired Captain Ross Brown home from the hospital. The escort followed a route through Marietta and along Hwy 278 before making their way to the Douglas County Courthouse and ultimately the Sheriff’s Office before continuing to Capt. Brown’s home. We are extremely thankful and humbled by the prayers and well wishes Capt. Brown has received since August, and we wish him the best in his continued recovery!