Two Arrested for “Slider” Crimes

For several weeks, patrons at the QuikTrip and BP locations on Thornton Road have been victimized by slider crimes. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office gained information about a particular vehicle being used in the crimes and were on the lookout for a black Honda CRV with new car tags. The Special Investigations Division compiled enough data to establish time frames and figure out a pattern for the criminal activity in the area.

The Scorpion Unit was assigned to the detail and were in the area during the time these crimes were occurring. On December 31, 2018, around 5:15 am the Honda CRV matching the description from previous calls was observed pulling into the QuikTrip convenience store on Thornton Road. While at the gas station, deputies noticed the vehicle moving from pump to pump without anyone ever getting out to enter the store or to pump gas. The vehicle then pulled out of the gas station and made a right onto Thornton Road at a high rate of speed, turning right and went to the BP on Thornton Road. At that point, deputies activated their emergency siren and tried to make a traffic stop and the vehicle sped off. Deputies were able to catch up to the vehicle. After a brief pursuit and a foot chase, along with a K-9 apprehension, two of the four suspects were taken into custody. Jaleel Ethington and Ronique Stripling were arrested on various charges in relation to the crimes. The vehicle was also found to be stolen.

Slider type crimes are crimes of opportunity. Whenever you are pumping gas, lock your doors. Most people tend to get out of their vehicle to pump gas, leave the doors unlock and turn their backs to their vehicles. Criminals enter vehicles from the opposite side and slide purses, weapons, etc., and drive off with the possessions. This type of crime has plagued the metro Atlanta area for quite some time now. Slider crimes can be prevented with a few extra seconds to beware of your surroundings and being proactive by locking your doors.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is committed to keeping Douglas County a safe place to live.