Tips To Prevent Entering Autos

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is being proactive in the prevention of auto break-ins.  The holiday season makes for additional targeting for thieves looking to break into autos. Most break-ins are preventable.  Here are some ways you can help:

Keep your vehicle locked: This will prevent thieves from “flipping” the door handles and easily gaining entry.

Never leave valuables in plain view: If you do not want to take your valuables (purse, phones, laptop, etc.) with you, hide them in the trunk or other hard to see area (prior to reaching your destination). It may be best to take your valuables with you. Should your vehicle be broken into, you will still have your possessions. This includes firearms.

If you see something, say something: Call 911 if you see suspicious activity.

Be aware and alert: Be aware of your surrounding when out and about…and be alert. (Being on the cell phone may keep you distracted and make you a target.)

Use alarms: When walking to your vehicle alone utilize the alarm function on your key fob if confronted by a stranger.

Establish relationships with neighbors: Make your neighbors aware of when you will be away from your home during the holidays so that they may watch out for your property, remove mail and newspapers so that thieves will not notice your absence. Many break-ins have been occurring in the driveways of homes throughout the county.