Tips to Avoid Mail Fraud

The Sheriff’s Office would like to inform our community of some safety measures to insure that your checks and banking information are safe. When sending checks as a form of payment via the postal system it is better not to do so from your residential mail box unless it is a locking mailbox. Criminals often look for the red flag up on a residential mailbox and attempt to steal mail in hopes of finding a check in the mail. It’s always best to drop off bills with checks inside directly at the post office or send them from a locking mailbox. If you are receiving a box of blank checks in the mail it is best to have them delivered to a locked mail receptacle or to your bank where you can pick them up. You may also consider signing up for “informed delivery” on the USPS website. “Informed Delivery” allows the post office to send you a daily email of scanned items you will be receiving in the mail that day. You can use this email to monitor what you are having delivered that day and know what to expect.