Teaching Kids About Social Media

In addition to our K9 deputies visiting Golden Memorial United Methodist Church on June 22, Sgt. Jesse Hambrick also stopped by. He talked to the kids about the appropriate, and inappropriate, use of social media. Many times social media sites are used for other illegal or improper behavior as well such as bullying and other harassing behavior, physical threats of violence, racial discrimination, and they act as a way for kids to access information on where to find parties, alcohol, or other dangerous drugs. Kids may not be aware that the information they divulge on social media can reach the wrong people such as online predators. Virtual interaction thru social media is as much a part of many people’s daily activity as real interaction with friends and acquaintances. Often fights and other problems that occur at school are blamed on comments or activity posted on a social website away from school. Suicides and acts of school violence are often broadcast on a social networking site before they are committed. One of our many goals is to keep our youngsters safe both online and off.