Second Holiday Sobriety Checkpoint

“Tis the Season to Drive Sober” (in Douglas County)

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Douglasville’s Police Department combined their manpower and efforts again to conduct the second sobriety checkpoint of the holiday season looking for impaired drivers.  Four groups of law enforcement officers from both agencies hit several locations around Douglasville and Douglas County on Wednesday, December 19th. The teams worked the detail for four hours between 7:00 – 11:00 pm.

Approximately 2, 500 vehicles were stopped at the various checkpoint locations. There were 48 persons arrested for various charges collectively by the DCSO and the City of Douglasville’s PD.

Both the DCSO and Douglasville PD are committed to keeping Douglas County safe throughout the year, however the holidays are prime time for drinking alcohol, and typically the busiest time of year for drunk driving arrests.

Data shows that sobriety checkpoints often lead to the detection and discovery of other criminal activity. These two law enforcement agencies in Douglas County will conduct random sobriety checkpoints throughout the holiday season and throughout the year.  The first sobriety checkpoint of this holiday season was held on Thursday, November 29, 2018, and lasted five hours. There were 44 arrests and approximately 3,500 vehicles drove through the checkpoint locations.

“Tis the season to drive sober” in Douglas County.

Photos courtesy of the Douglasville Police Department’s Facebook page.