Remembering Earl D. Lee

Friday, October 5, 2018, “Earl’s girls”- Lynn, Susan and Cathy, along with several other family members (including his great-grandson Collin) commemorated their father, Douglas County legend, Earl D. Lee. The event was to celebrate his life on the 20th anniversary of his passing at a gathering at the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

They shared a slide show, memorabilia that included photo albums, diaries, election paraphernalia and refreshments with a group that gathered to tell stories about the late iconic sheriff’s exploits. Sheriff Tim Pounds told many stories of his memories of Earl D. Lee, whom he grew to reverence as a father figure. At least 20 other members of the audience shared their personal memories. Each told a different story that held the audience captive. Sheriff Lee was memorialized as fair, honest, one-of-a-kind, fearless, and dedicated.

Sheriff Pounds noted that there are many days where he seeks guidance, and pulls from the wisdom Lee shared with him and he asks himself, “What would Earl do?” When he does this, he says it seems that he always gets the answer he needs to the issue.

With all the great memories shared, Elgin Bell, former Atlanta police chief and Clayton County Commission Chair, encouraged Lee’s daughters and the audience to, “Remember all the things you know about Earl D. Lee and nobody dies.”

Earl D. Lee’s legacy remains in the hearts and memories of Douglas County residents and with law enforcement throughout the state of Georgia. He was responsible for assisting with solving most of the crimes in Georgia in the 1970’s with his investigative techniques, broke up the Dixie Mafia, and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is housed on a boulevard bearing his name. Earl D. Lee is a Douglas County icon and legend.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office (GA)