Reentry Program Meet & Greet

Good people sometimes make bad life choices, and the consequences of those choices can include spending time in the Douglas County Jail. With that in mind, Sheriff Tim Pounds has implemented a reentry program to help those people make better choices once they leave our facility. For the past year, our reentry program has focused on breaking the pattern of recidivism.

Each week, qualified and vetted individuals and organizations volunteer to meet with inmates, separated into male and female classes, to discuss how to succeed and be productive once they leave our facility. Life coaches help them to discover their purpose and understand why they made the choices that led them down the wrong path. The inmates also learn about setting goals, and the steps necessary to reach those goals.

Other classes include how to write a resume and preparing for job interviews. Educators also come in to discuss the process of getting a GED and/or continuing education. Sheriff Pounds will soon be implementing an in-house GED program for those inmates who need it in order to gain employment.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office also held a networking meet-and-greet last month for organizations and individuals to exchange information on the programs they offer to offenders. One topic that came up during the meet-and-greet was the need to have a structured, scheduled reentry program outside of the jail. Several inmates have given feedback about the need for a cohesive program in the community to help with issues such as housing, child custody, financial and money management, and transportation.

If you, your company or organization would like more information on this program, please contact Lisa Williams at