New Hires, Promotion, and Returning Faces

Sheriff Tim Pounds and staff would like to welcome and congratulate the following personnel:

  • Lt. Dukes on his promotion from Investigator to Lieutenant. He will be working in the jail as a shift supervisor having already served as a shift sergeant prior to being an Investigator.
  • Sgt. Clark left us a few months ago to join the new Douglas County School System Police Department, and was deputized by Sheriff Pounds.
  • Dep. Amdal on his return to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. He will be on patrol once again after a short training period.
  • Jailer Dodd is a familiar face, in a good way, and joins us as a Jailer.
  • Jailer McDonald is new to law enforcement. He is pursuing a life-long goal of being a law enforcement officer, and we are happy to have him.
  • Dispatcher Worsham is another fresh face, and will be working in Radio.