Mason Creek Elementary DARE Graduation

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office brought back the DARE program starting this year, and it is Deputy Hutcheson’s first year teaching DARE classes. The ten-week DARE curriculum is aimed at teaching 5th Graders the dangers of drugs, as well as how to cope with negative outside influences such as bullies and stress. At the end of the semester, each student is asked to write an essay about what they learned from the DARE program. One student from each homeroom is chosen as a class winner based on their essay. Out of those students, a single overall school winner is chosen. That student will then participate in a “DARE Day” during the summer break of 2020. Previous outings have been to places such as Six Flags and other metro-Atlanta amusement-type parks. They then end the day with a pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, and in particular Deputy “Hutch,” are very proud of these students for making it so hard to pick the winning essays.