West GA Technical College Discusses Continuing Education with Inmates

On April 18th Ms. Lenora McKeown, an admissions counselor from West GA Technical College, visited the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office’s Re-entry Program. Her visit was to encourage participants that are interested in attending West GA Tech to continue their education and advise them of certifications that are offered in a number of skills that are in-demand. She noted that Douglasville’s industrial businesses are growing. These companies are looking for skilled employees and are background-friendly. She also spoke about other programs that are open to our participants and where the programs are located.

West GA Tech has a FREE GED program, student counseling resources and a number of other free programs and classes. Ms. McKeown discussed financial aid stipulations and rules with the group. She also explained what the GA Hope Grant pays for. Ms. McKeown is scheduled to visit twice a month to inform as many re-entry participants as she can about the opportunities at West GA Technical College.