National Family Violence Apprehension

Wednesday October 17, 2018 was the 16th Annual National Family Violence Apprehension Detail. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Douglas County Solicitor’s Office participated in this event. Deputy T. Smith, Civil, Deputy I. Illidge, Transport, Deputy R. Northcuttt along with the following members of A-Shift who gave up their off day Deputy R. Aiken, Deputy McLucas. Deputy A. Kiker, Deputy A. Stone, Deputy J. French, Deputy G. Ernst. Deputy M. Mack who presently in Field Training also was a great help. Investigator S. Campbell of the Douglas County Solicitor’s jumped in at the last minute to lend a helping hand.

The detail attempted to execute (90) ninety Family Violence Arrest Warrants. Some of these warrants were several years old. They made contacts with members of the community and when they received information they did a great job following up. There will be more arrests coming from this apprehension detail in the near future.