Escapee from Mississippi Arrested in Douglas County

On July 13th 2019, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Crime Suppression Unit received information about the whereabouts of a subject identified as Justin Sewell. There were active warrants for the arrest of Justin for the charges of Violation of Probation (2 counts) through Douglas County and Escape from a Mississippi Corrections Facility.

A team was put together that included Special Investigations Division, Crime Suppression , K-9, H.E.A.T and SCORPION. Justin was taken in to custody at a residence on Cool Springs Road along with Megan Hylton, who also had outstanding arrest warrants.

This individual, who has a violent history, attempted to flee from justice by hiding in our county. The members of the units mentioned above worked past their assigned shifts in order to make sure that he would not be able to commit further crimes in our community; and that he had to answer for the crimes that he was running from in another state.