Prevent Entering Autos and Slider Crimes

Car break-ins are one of the more prevalent crimes in the Atlanta area, especially during the warmer months. Target-rich environments such as subdivisions, apartment complexes, and shopping centers are particular hot-spots. Thieves can quickly go from vehicle to vehicle and take any, and sometimes all, valuables left behind. This includes firearms. Sheriff Tim Pounds and our Criminal Investigations Division would like to remind residents to park inside a locked garage if possible, remove any and all valuables including firearms, and lock the vehicle if left outside. We also recommend the use of motion-sensitive outdoor lights and security cameras. Cameras are a wonderful tool to identify individuals since these crimes happen in a matter of seconds, and the thief is long-gone before the person realizes they’ve become a victim.

“Slider” crimes are also a concerning trend. These occur more often at gas stations while the driver is outside their vehicle filling their gas tank. Another car will pull up beside them, a thief will then open a door opposite the unsuspecting driver, take whatever belongings they can, and leave before the driver even knows they’ve been robbed. This type of crime takes advantage of a convenience feature on a lot of newer cars with electric locks that unlocks all the doors when the driver exits the vehicle. This feature can easily be disabled, and instructions can be found either online or in the vehicle’s user manual. If you’re unsure if your vehicle has this feature, or don’t know how to disable it, you can take it to a dealership or mechanic for help. We also encourage all drivers to have their keys on them at the pumps, and to be extra vigilant when pumping gas.