Person Wanted in Road Rage Shooting

On April 9th, 2021, at approximately 5:08 pm, located on the entry ramp to I-20 WB from Thornton Rd, a small black in color car with a black male driver, shot the rear window of a white in color, Honda Accord, during a road rage incident. The driver of the small black car then backed up the entry ramp and fled onto Thornton Rd in an unknown direction. Please contact Inv. Nathan Mitchell with any information at (770) 577-5108 or

Injured Deputy Receives Quilt Donation

On March 30, 2021, Dep. Illidge was shot in the line of duty while responding to an armed robbery call off Thornton Rd. Thankfully, he has already been released from the hospital and is recovering. That recovery has been made all the sweeter by a donation of a quilt from the group Quilts for Cops. One of their members, Mrs. Michelle Bautsch, is an area resident, and her son, Matthew, is an Atlanta Police Department K9 handler. Both were on hand on April 7, 2021, to present Dep. Illidge with the gift of a handmade quilt. We are extremely thankful and appreciative of the gesture and the time and effort it took to make such a beautiful quilt!

Person Wanted in Trailer Theft

On February 7 2021 at approximately 2:37 pm the subject pictured stole a 2019 Diamond enclosed cargo trailer from 4500 Industrial Access Road in Douglasville GA. The vehicle used was a black or blue newer model Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee Limited with what looks to be a dealer tag. The suspect appears to be male and was wearing a red hoodie, jeans and Nike shoes. If anyone has information on the person or vehicles in the photographs, please contact Investigator T. Puckett at (770-920-4918) or email

Captured: Marcus Moment

On 3/29/21 at approximately 1 AM one of our deputies tried to initiate a traffic stop on a white Audi traveling on Veterans Memorial Hwy. It was reported that the owner of the vehicle was wanted for multiple felony charges from 5 different agencies, was reported to be armed and dangerous and an escape risk. The driver of the vehicle failed to stop and initiated a chase traveling eastbound on Veterans Memorial Hwy from the City of Douglasville. We pursued the vehicle until in it wrecked at Veterans Memorial Hwy and Bingham Road. The driver then fled on foot from his vehicle towards Newman Ellis Road. Douglas County Deputies and Douglasville Police Officers quickly set up a perimeter in the area. Multiple sighting were called in by area residents and by 1:24 we had him in custody with the assistance of the community and a Powder Springs K-9. Thanks to the quick action of the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, Sheriff’s SCORPION Unit, The Douglasville Police Department, area residents, and the Powder Springs Police Department, this individual is no longer on the run and has new charges in Douglas County for:

40-6-390 – Reckless Driving
40-6-395(B)(5)(A) – Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer
40-6-181 – Speeding
16-10-24(a) – Obstruction of Officers
16-13-30(j) – Possession of Marijuana
16-11-106 – Possession of Firearm or Knife During Certain Crimes
16-11-131 – Possession of firearms-convicted felons

Welcome Home, Capt. Brown

Please join in with Sheriff Pounds and staff in celebrating some wonderful news. Retired Captain Ross Brown has been in a hospital or a rehab facility since August of last year battling COVID 19-related illnesses. Today, he was released from the hospital and is recovering well. This is a huge, answered PRAYER. Ross worked for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office for 31 years and had to retire because of COVID. He served as the Captain of Court Services along with many other assignments and positions in his tenure.

Today, the SCOPE Division escorted retired Captain Ross Brown home from the hospital. The escort followed a route through Marietta and along Hwy 278 before making their way to the Douglas County Courthouse and ultimately the Sheriff’s Office before continuing to Capt. Brown’s home. We are extremely thankful and humbled by the prayers and well wishes Capt. Brown has received since August, and we wish him the best in his continued recovery!


Sheriff Tim Pounds and staff would like to welcome and congratulate our newest, and returning, personnel:

  • Dep. Elias Johnson (Mandate graduate)
  • Dep. Mason Bell (Mandate graduate)
  • Dep. Omereo Potts (New hire from Carrollton PD)
  • Dispatcher Leighanne Lewis (New hire from Dallas PD)
  • Dispatcher Jessica Morgan (New hire)
  • Dep. Kendall Mack (Returning)


Armed Protest at Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

The Douglasville Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office received information that a known armed militia group, calling themselves the “Not Fucking Around Coalition”, or NFAC, was planning a protest on March 19, 2021, in Douglas County, over the recent death investigation of Stephen Styles. On March 18, 2021, Sheriff Tim Pounds and Chief Gary Sparks reached out to the group to let them know that a peaceful protest would be welcomed, but bringing any violence to Douglas County would not be tolerated. The group was respectful and gave no indications that they were coming for that purpose. Sheriff Pounds agreed to meet with them, and any member of the Styles family, about their concerns over the death investigation. On March 19, 2021, the group assembled at the Arbor Place Mall for a short period of time and then drove the Sheriff’s Office. The group parked outside the entrance of the Sheriff’s Office, where approximately 25 members donned black clothing, ballistic vests, facial coverings, firearms and high capacity magazines. As the group marched in formation, down the sidewall toward the Sheriff’s Office, they were met by deputies. The deputies spoke with the group about 100 yards from the entrance of the Sheriff’s Office, and informed them that they were entering an established guard line of the jail and that they were not permitted to proceed any further with their weapons. Approximately eight members of the group disarmed themselves and accompanied Stephen Styles’ brother to meet with Sheriff Pounds and Chief Sparks in the Sheriff’s conference room. Sheriff Pounds spoke to them about the death investigation, which, based on all available evidence, was a suicide.

After meeting with Sheriff Pounds, the group left the Sheriff’s Office and rearmed themselves. They very briefly blocked the roadway leading to the Sheriff’s office while they posed for a group picture and individual selfies. No one was obstructed from entering or leaving, in fact, as soon as the first vehicle approached they cleared the roadway and left. They then proceeded to the location where Stephen Styles’ body was discovered on Mason Creek Road. We received numerous calls about the armed militia group and concerned citizens were reassured that the assembly was peaceful.

During this incident the Douglas County Jail was placed on lockdown as a security measure. The lockdown was lifted after the armed militia group left the area.

In regards to the death investigation involving Mr. Stephen Styles:

On February 21st, 2021, deputies with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a wooded area, located on Mason Creek Road in Winston, GA, regarding a vandalized and abandoned vehicle.  This remote area of Mason Creek Road is an area where known drug abusers frequent and illegal trash dumping occurs.  During the course of the investigation, deputies located Mr. Stephen Craig Styles, deceased by way of hanging, approximately two hundred and fifty yards from his vehicle.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Major Case Unit responded to the scene and began an investigation into the death. Throughout the course of the investigation, investigators learned that Mr. Styles had left his residence on February 12th, 2021, after a disagreement with his grandmother.  Mr. Styles never returned home, nor was he reported as missing. Investigators learned that Mr. Styles was on parole for a child molestation and was being supervised by the Georgia Department of Community Supervision, via an ankle monitor that tracked his whereabouts at all times.  In reviewing the records from Mr. Styles’ ankle monitor, it was determined that he’d left his residence on February 12th, 2021 and drove directly to the wooded area where his vehicle and body were found.

Further investigation of the vehicle proved that the vehicle was vandalized days after Mr. Styles had abandoned it on February 12th, 2021.  Investigators also determined that the chair located next to Mr. Styles’ body contained a shoe impression, which matched the soles of the shoes he was wearing.

The ligature used for the suicide was brought to the scene by Mr. Styles, from his residence. Investigators conducted an external examination of Styles’ body, to include his clothing, and there was no indication of foul play. There were no indications on the ground or otherwise that there was any altercation or struggle near his vehicle or where he was located.

Styles’ body, along with the crime scene photographs, were sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Medical Examiner’s Office to undergo an autopsy.  Autopsy findings concluded that the cause of death was ligature hanging and the manner of death is suicide.

Members of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office met with Douglas County District Attorney Dalia Racine. District Attorney Racine had learned of the investigation and wanted to be briefed on the facts of the case. After reviewing the case with District Attorney Racine, she felt comfortable that the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office had conducted a very thorough investigation and that all the facts indicated Mr. Stephen Styles had committed suicide.

In Custody for Homicide

UPDATE (03/22/2021 @ 8:30pm): Nathanael Searcy is now in custody. Thank you to everyone who shared his information.

On March 16, 2021, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded to Silver Way in the Silver Creek Ranch Subdivision in Lithia Springs, Georgia, to a reported vehicle collision and shots fired call.

Deputies arriving discovered 21-year-old Melvin Porter deceased in the driver’s seat of a minivan which had left the roadway and came to rest behind a residence.

Investigators followed leads, canvased the neighborhood and conducted interviews into the early morning hours.  According to eye witnesses and with the assistance of home surveillance videos, 17-year-old, Nathanael Michael Searcy, was identified as the individual who shot and killed Melvin Porter.

Multiple Search Warrants have been executed and the case is still ongoing.  Two other arrests have been made in this case with associates of Nathanael Searcy who were at the scene of the crime.  In addition to Searcy, additional arrests are expected.

Please contact Sgt. J. Hayes or Douglas County Sheriff’s Office with any information at:

Missing: Juvenile Jabbaris Brown

Jabbaris Brown, 15 years of age, last seen on February 23, 2021 at his residence in Douglas County, GA. He was last seen wearing a red sweatshirt, black jeans with holes in the pants, and black Airforce Ones.  Jabbaris Brown is described as 5’10”, 145 lbs. black hair, brown eyes.  Any information please contact Inv. Christina Clark 678-486-1307 or

Precious Metals Thefts on the Rise

There has recently been a rise in the price of certain precious metals.  This has caused the increase of reported copper and catalytic converter thefts across the state of Georgia and the United States.

Thieves target catalytic converters that are attached to the underside of a vehicle as part of the exhaust system because they contain valuable metals such as platinum, palladium, or rhodium.  The thieves sell these metals for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Thieves typically use a saw or grinder to remove the converter and can have one removed in as little as one minute.  Larger vehicles are targeted because of the ease of access to the underside of the vehicle.  Vehicles parked in dark locations for multiple days are prime targets.  Other areas of concern are car lots, large parking lots, rideshare lots, and any other areas a large number of vehicles park for extended periods of time.  If you are driving, or out in the community after business hours, and hear what sounds like metal being cut in a parking lot area, please call your local law enforcement agency in order to try and apprehend these thieves.

The price of copper is also on the rise.  If you have vacant homes, or businesses in your area, please pay attention to who comes in and out of these places.  Notify local law enforcement if you see someone removing copper wire or tubing from these vacant places.  If you own some of these vacant places try painting your copper black as it will appear to be just black tubing instead of copper.  Have an alarm system or security cameras installed for the property.

As always if you are out in the community and see something that you believe is suspicious please notify your local law enforcement agency to report it.  If you can safely photograph the suspicious activity or a vehicle tag and provide that information to law enforcement it would assist in the investigation of that incident.  See something, Say Something!

Thank you!

Congrats, Sgt. Long!

Sheriff Tim Pounds and staff would like to congratulate Ashley Long on her recent promotion to Investigative Sergeant. She will be leading the Persons Unit in our Criminal Investigations Division.

Welcome and Congratulations

Sheriff Tim Pounds and staff would like to welcome and congratulate the following personnel:

  • Jailer K. Terry – New Hire
  • Dep. G. Pitcock – Mandate Graduate
  • Dep. J. Williams – Mandate Graduate
  • Off. E. Jackson – Douglasville Police Department (deputized)
  • Off. L. Heller – Douglasville Police Department (deputized)