Christmas in Dispatch

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, at least in Dispatch. The four shifts compete during certain holidays (Valentines, Independence Day, Halloween, etc.) to come up with the best decoration. The theme this time around was gingerbread houses/edible dwellings. Congratulations to B Team for their massive effort! Their house will go on display in our main lobby, and the members of B Team get a day where they can opt to dress in plain clothes instead of their uniforms. The other teams’ creations are either displayed at a school or senior living center, depending on that team’s choice. Congrats again, and we can’t wait to see what y’all come up with next time!


Scam Alert: False Warrants

It has been brought to our attention that someone is attempting to scam citizens by claiming they are with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and are using Lt. Tim Walker’s name. The scammers tell victims that they have a case where there is an arrest warrant with a preset bond and if you were to send money through Western Union, an app, or website, the case would be taken care of. This is not how we do business. If you receive a call from 770-545-6452 or 770-917-3162, please ignore the request and do not send them any money. If you have already received one of these calls please contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to file a report.

Hassell, Gerald Carlton

Name: Gerald Carlton Hassell
Sex: M
Race: Black
YOB: 1971
Weight: 219lbs
Height: 5’8″
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald
Facial Hair:

Offense(s):  Aggravated Battery

If you have any contact with this individual, please notify the following:
Emergency: (770) 949-5656
Tipline: (678) 486-1253
Warrants Division: 770-920-7141 or 678-486-1283
Lt. Randy Daniell
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (770) 920-4976
Sgt. Michael Wheeler
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (770) 577-5102
Inv. Hosea Gainer
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (678) 486-1215
Inv. Joey Garland
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (678) 873-6747
Inv. Rodney Howard
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (770) 920-4976
Inv. Brad Northcutt
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (770) 920-4404
Dep. Anthony Cassity
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Phone: (678) 486-1207
Capt. Matt Gray
Douglas County Sheriffs Office
Phone: (770) 920-4991

Thanksgiving Luncheon

It’s a Thanksgiving tradition for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to open their doors to county employees for a special meal. Every year, Mrs. Mitchell and her wonderful kitchen staff provide a turkey and dressing lunch with all the trimmings to Douglas County employees. We always enjoy starting off the holiday season with good food and good fellowship.

Holiday Entering Autos

The busy holiday shopping season starts this week, and we’d like to share some tips on how to prevent thieves from breaking into your vehicle.

When possible, remove your belongings from your vehicle or hide them from sight. Entering autos is a wide spread problem around the Metro Atlanta area. Thieves can quickly break into a car and help themselves to a potential gold mine of items: electronics, cash and credit cards, and firearms. Electronics such as laptops, cellphones and tablets, and credit cards can be used to steal your identity while your firearm may be used during the commission of another crime.

Firearms are a popular item on the thieves’ shopping list. If you frequently travel with a firearm, consider purchasing a vehicle safe to secure your weapon when you’re away from home. When you are at home, taking your firearm inside is the safest way to secure it.

When possible, park your vehicle in a well-lit area. An exterior, motion-activated light can be a good deterrent for thieves. A security camera mounted on the outside of your home can help you keep an eye on your property and in the event of a theft, it can aid investigators in identifying the suspect.

Parking lots, whether at the mall, a big box store or at a hotel are popular hunting grounds for thieves. This is especially true around the holidays when people are making large purchases. When walking to or from your vehicle, be aware of your surroundings. When possible, park in a well-lit, high traffic area. A thief is less likely to act when they believe a witness may see them. Hide your purchases in the trunk, under your seats, or take them home.


Inmate Trash Detail Pickup Stats: October, 2017

Chatham Pl. off of Anneewakee Rd.

County properties mowed 26
County Offices cleaned 35
County roads cleaned 435
Total bags of trash collected 1,989
Total weight of Litter 29,980 Lbs.
Total tires collected 89
Total Mattress collected 19
Numerous items collected from couches to appliances