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The School Resource and Juvenile Crimes Unit falls under the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) and is comprised of one Sergeant, one investigator, and 14 uniformed deputies that are assigned to the county school system as liaisons between the Board of Education and the Sheriff's Office. This unit is responsible for the safety and security of approximately 20,000 students on a daily basis and each officer is in the schools to enforce the laws of the state of Georgia on each school campus. There are 2 officers located at each high school, one officer located in the Haven program, and one officer for each middle school. The elementary schools do not have an SRO assigned to their school, but they call on the middle and high school SRO deputies as needed to handle any law enforcement related issues they might have. The investigator for the unit is responsible for handling investigations for all 9 schools, and his focus is violent youth crimes and gang related activity in the school system.

Contact Numbers
* These phone numbers for the School Resource Officers are only good during the school year (August - May). If you need to reach a School Resource Officer during the summer break, please call the Douglas County Sheriff's Office any time at (770) 942-2121.

- Sergeant Jesse Hambrick
- Investigator Shay Brooks
- Deputy Aaron Smith
- Deputy Theresa Jones
- Deputy Mark Matthews
- Deputy Ken Davenport
- Deputy Ryan Quibell
- Deputy Cindy West
- Deputy Cam Brooks
- Deputy Chiquita Baitey
- Deputy Keith Wood
- Deputy Clint Ayers
- Deputy Charles Carter
- Deputy Charles Sharpe
- Deputy Lewis Fredenburg
- Deputy Matt Wilson


Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Alexander High School
Alexander High School / Haven
Chapel Hill High School
Chapel Hill High School
Lithia Springs High School
Lithia Springs High School
New Manchester High School
New Manchester High School
Chapel Hill Middle School
Chestnut Log Middle School
Yeager Middle School
Turner Middle School
Fairplay Middle School
Mason Creek Middle School

(770) 577-5106
(770) 920-4918
(770) 651-6000
(770) 651-6000
(770) 651-6200
(770) 651-6200
(770) 651-6700
(770) 651-6700
(770) 651-6500
(770) 651-6500
(770) 651-5000
(770) 651-5100
(770) 651-5600
(770) 651-5500
(770) 651-5300
(770) 651-2500

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