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January 30, 2014

Patrol Division

Resources for Abandonded Vehicle Owners:
Towing Update 01/30/14 4:45pm
Due to the improving weather and rising temperatures, the roads have rapidly gotten better for travel. we will start immediately trying to remove ALL vehicles parked or left in the actual roadway. Before impounding a vehicle we will attempt to contact the registered owner that the tag comes back to, if this is unsuccessful we will have it removed by a Tow service that is on the Douglas county sheriff's Office Rotation.

The reason for this action is safety related as the speeds of vehicles will increase as the weather gets better and more people get back into normal travel habits.

If your Vehicle is not where you left it, please call the Sheriff's Office Dispatch at 770-949-5656

Also remember some areas in the county may still have secondary roadways with ice coverage, if you cannot see far ahead or around the curve slow down . Areas that do not get sunshine may still have ice also, please drive accordingly and safe.

Thank you.

We will not be ticketing folks who have left their cars on the side of the roadways. There is also no time limit, but we do encourage folks to move them as soon as they feel safe enough to do so.

Sheriff Miller is offering a ride back to your abandoned vehicle if you have no other way. This service is for county residents only if their vehicle is driveable and does not need a wrecker. Your vehicle must also be located in Douglas County and within 8-10 miles of your location. Rides will be handled if there are no priority calls holding and we cannot transport children. Hope this will help clear up the backlog of abandoned vehicles. Citizens may call the switchboard at 770-949-5656. Please be patient. Thank you.

Any cars left on 92 and the connector near Victory Baptist Church: it is possible they are parked at Victory Baptist Church in the parking lot. Deputies were logging several vehicles that were moved there but there were several others that were out there and several wreckers so it may not have been logged.

If you parked a vehicle near the Aquatic Center it is either at the Aquatic Center parking lot or at New Manchester High in the parking lot.

If it was left at Chapel Hill or W Chapel Hill at 166 it may just be moved up the street a ways or at the Church at Chapel Hill parking lot.

Cars on Thornton Rd and Fairburn they were just moved off the road. It may not be right where you left the vehicle but it should be in the area.

If you cannot find your car, call 770-949-5656.

The following is a list of wrecker services the DCSO uses on a regular basis. If you think you have been towed, please check with them first. If they do not have a record of your vehicle, you can call 770-949-5656.

  • C.P. 770 616 5516
  • MASSEY: 770 577 1177
  • FAIRPLAY: 770 489 1453
  • TRIPLE H: 770 489 0300
  • CITY MOTORS: 770 944 6770
  • PRIEST: 770 942 5639

If the Douglas County Sheriff's Office had your vehicle towed to an impound lot WE will pay your wrecker fee. This is ONLY for vehicles towed by the DCSO. Please call 770-949-5656 for more information/instructions.

Please follow our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for more information.

To report a non-injury accendent for insurance purposes, you can download and print this form for your insurance company.

January 28, 2014

Criminal Investigations Division

On Sunday 12-22-13 the above B/F comes into the Valero Gas Station located at 802 Thornton Rd Next to John Bleakley Ford between 9:30 am to 10:15am Hr. The clerk is in the back of the store. When he comes up to help the customer he notices no one is at the register. The store clerk noticed several lottery tickets missing. The store clerk reviewed the store video and the video shows this B/F reaching behind the counter and taking several lottery tickets. The B/F then goes to the other end of the Tickets and reaches back and takes more.

If you know this person please contact Inv J Williams Reference Case DCSO13OFF007761.

Office: 770 949 5656 Desk: 678 486 1234

January 17, 2014

Jail Division

Jealousy Results in a New Felony Charge
On January 10, 2013, inmate Justin Fowler confronted another inmate about approaching his girlfriend. Fowler had learned from a phone conversation that another inmate had been hitting on his girlfriend shortly after he'd been arrested. When the other male was also arrested, they found themselves housed in the same dorm. Fowler entered the cell and attempted to kick the inmate in the face, before a witness says he placed the victim in a headlock and struck him repeatedly. Officers discovered that the fight had taken place when they observed the victim with a new black eye. Fowler will appear in front of a Magistrate Court Judge this morning for a bond hearing on a new felony charge.

January 16, 2014

Command Staff

Elementary and Private Schools in Douglas County to Receive Emergency Responder Kits
On January 15, 2014, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and Douglasville Police Department unveiled a new layer of defense in school emergencies. The Lock-down And Defend (LAD) kit consists of a ballistic shield and other specially designed containment equipment that teachers and staff can use to keep themselves and students safe in the event of a lockdown. Each elementary and private school within Douglas County will get one of these kits within the next few weeks. The Sheriff's Office and Police Department will distribute enough equipment to be able to secure any door within a particular school in a matter of seconds. Specially trained members from the Sheriff's Office and Police Department will also provide training to all the effected principals through an agreement with the School System. This equipment will further enhance the new security measures put in place by the School System. All these emergency response items were purchased by the Douglas County Rogue Runners Club and with county and city seized drug funds.

The kits are currently being purchased for elementary and private schools in Douglas County since the middle and high schools have School Resource Officers (SROs) on campus. We would like to thank the Douglas County Rogue Runners for their contribution and for bringing this to our attention. Keeping our children safe is the top priority for the Sheriff's Office and our partners at the Douglasville Police Department and the Douglas County School System.

January 14, 2014

Fugitive Division

On January 10th, the Douglas County Sheriff's fugitive unit and the US Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force (SERFTF) arrested Christopher Beal for Armed Robbery and shoplifting charges out of Douglas County. Beal was arrested at the Deluxe Inn Motel on Campbellton road in Atlanta Friday night after his location was determined. Beal is currently incarcerated at the Douglas County Jail, and appeared in court on Monday where he was denied Bond.

January 09, 2014

Criminal Investigations Division

On 010714, Victoria Glenn, was located with a 20 year old male, Tyler Jorgenson, in a shopping center near the intersection of Highway 92 and Jimmy Smith Parkway. After a short foot chase both of them were taken into custody. Both of them were transported to the Sheriff's Office and subsequently interviewed. Victoria Glenn reported that she met Jorgenson on Facebook. They talked via the Internet for approximately 24-30 months before meeting in person a few days after her sixteenth birthday. Victoria began planning to run away and made the final plans on January 1, 2014. It was planned that she would not go to school on January 2, 2014 and Jorgenson and two other females came to her house and picked her up. Victoria packed a small amount of clothes and took several of her Christmas presents to sell to be able to obtain money.

After leaving the house in Douglasville, Tyler Jorgensen and Victoria made their way to Kennesaw where they rented a room. They stayed there overnight and then left and eventually ended up in a mobile home community in Bartow County. Over the next few days they spent time in Bartow County and Paulding County. After receiving a tip on 010714, we were able to apprehend Victoria and Tyler, Victoria was unharmed and eventually released back to her family.

January 03, 2014

Criminal Investigations Division

UPDATE 01/06/14:

Victoria "Tori" Glenn was last seen at her home on 01/02/14 and last heard from by her father at around 11:40am. On that day, a neighbor witnessed a red sedan with two males. One male had a slender build and the other had a heavy-set build. On 01/03/14, someone used Tori's Kik account to post an image (see below) claiming to have her cell phone. According to the message, the cell phone was found in front of a Waffle House in Villa Rica. There are two persons of interest in this case.

If you know of Tori's whereabouts or the identity of the two young men, please contact Investigator Melinda Wright at 770-920-4910 or Individuals can also call our non-emergency number at 770-942-2121 or our anonymous tip line at 678-486-1253.

UPDATE 01/07/14:
One of the Persons of Interest has been identified and is not involved in this case. We are still looking for information as to the identity/whereabouts of the other Person of Interest.

Victoria "Tori" Glenn was last seen on 01/02/14 and last heard from by her father at around 11:40am. She has been known to use the Kik app, Facebook and Instagram. If you know of Tori's whereabouts, please contact Investigator Melinda Wright at 770-920-4910 or

Jail Division

The Douglas County Jail is pleased to announce that there is a new way for friends and family to visit a loved one at our facility. Starting now, visitors can use their computer to visit from the comfort of their own home or office. There is a minimal cost for the visit; $7.50 for a 30 minute visit or $25 for a one hour attorney visit. Visitors will still be required to register prior to the visit and run a simple test to ensure that their computer hardware is compatible. Anyone interested in accessing this new feature should log into IP Web Visitor at this URL

Howard Perry was charged for bringing drugs across the jail guard line and being in possession of marijuana Thursday morning. Perry, who was being brought in on a production order, was searched by Dep. J. Queen as he came in. Dep. Queen located the marijuana, wrapped in plastic, hidden in the waistband of his pants. Perry appeared before the Magistrate court on Friday morning and was given a $5,500 bond.

December 20, 2013

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office would like to say a huge thank you to the Lithia Springs WalMart for hosting this year's event. We can't wait to do it again next year!

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