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Most gangs choose a name for themselves that may show an allegiance to a specific geographical area or relay a common belief system. Some choose to call themselves a music group, clique, or squad to avoid the stigma and attention of being called a gang.

Most gang names are abbreviated into three or four letter combinations. Some of those abbreviations can be the same as other well known organizations to disguise the gang name and confuse others.

The following is a list of gangs known to have had some type involvement in Douglas County, Georgia. Some of those gangs are nationally known (traditional gangs) and some are local gangs (non traditional) and may be specific just to this particular area. The information about each gang's involvement is from intelligence gained from officers, teachers, and members of the public. Some are confirmed gangs while information on others is limited.

  • Douglas County Maffia (DCM)
  • Surenos (SUR 13)
  • Cross The Track Boys (CTTB)
  • Nuestra Familia (Norte 14)
  • Head Bitches In Charge (HBIC)
  • Eighteenth Street (18th St)
  • Clit Mob
  • Cali Thirteen (Cali13)
  • The Degraders (TD)
  • LA
  • Georgia Boys Incorporated (GBI)
  • Bloods or Pirus
  • Down South Georgia Boys (DSGB)
  • Crips
  • Insane Gangster Disciples (IGD)
  • Big Money Boys (BMB)
  • Vice Lords (VL)
  • Money Comes First (MCF)
  • Lady Break Bread (LBB)
  • Knock Out Kings (KOK)
  • The Outsiders (O's)
  • Young Threats (YT)
  • Ghost Click (GC)
  • Douglasville Nazi Squad (DNS)
  • Niggaz Bout Action (NBA)
  • Black Gangsta Disciples (BGD) or Gangsta Disciples (GD)
  • Young Trap Stars (YTS)
  • Killa Maffia
  • Squad Up
  • The Family (DeFam)
  • Lady Trap Stars (LTS)
  • Golden Army Maffia Empire (GAME)
  • Most Dangerous Clique (MDC)
  • American Skins (A/S)
  • Get Money Clique (GMC)
  • Combat Eighteen (Combat 18)
  • Local Celebrities (LC)
  • Twurk Squad (TS)
  • Grape Street Watts (GSW)
  • Folks
  • Bounty Hunter Bloods (BHB)
  • Pink Lemonade (PL)
  • Money Over Bitches (MOB)
  • Black Spades (BS)
  • Money Over Everything (MOE)
  • Nigga Break Bread (NBB)

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