C.L.E.A. Program

C.L.E.A. = Citizen's Law Enforcement Academy
Training Phone Number:
(770) 920-4940

Click here to download C.L.E.A. application (pdf file).

In August 1999, Douglas County Sheriff's Office implemented an exciting and different Law Enforcement Academy…the Citizens Law Enforcement Academy (CLEA).

The CLEA training academy is located in the Sheriff's Office Training Facility where citizens are invited to attend a two hour session per week for twelve weeks.

The curriculum and training are not what you would expect. The students are a culturally diverse group of people including bankers, businessmen and women, judges, housewives, school teachers, media representatives, retirees and citizens from all walks of life.

The CLEA was adopted from a similar program in England and is coordinated by the Training Division of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. It is designed to increase understanding between Citizens and the Sheriff's Office through training and education.

Participants meet one evening a week for 12 weeks. This course covers virtually every aspect of law enforcement work --- administration, recruiting, patrol operations, communications, investigations, vice and narcotics, youth and safety programs, traffic and criminal laws, jail operations and more. In addition to classroom training, CLEA students are given the opportunity to participate in a series of practical exercises.

Our goal is not to teach the student how to become a law enforcement officer, but rather give the student an insight into the duties and responsibilities of our deputies.

Although graduates of the Citizens Law Enforcement Academy are not prepared for daily street duty, they acquire a better understanding of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office operations. CLEA graduates gain greater awareness and appreciation of the challenges and decisions deputies confront every day. Our hope is that the student leaves with a basic understanding of the complex nature of our work enforcing the law.

Community involvement is the most powerful force any law enforcement agency has in the fight against crime. Through CLEA, citizens are becoming more involved in making Douglas County a better place to live. Best of all, CLEA graduates become "goodwill ambassadors" for the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Classes will be held one night a week for 12 weeks, from 6:30pm until 8:30pm. All applicants need to be able to commit to attend the twelve sessions of this academy.

Applicants must be a resident or business owner in Douglas County. You must be at least 21 years of age, and give consent for a background check as part of the application process. There is no fee for this class.

If you or someone you know would like to attend the Citizens Law Enforcement Academy, please contact Tina Brownlow at 770-920-4940 or via e-mail at tbrownlow@sheriff.douglas.ga.us.

Click here to download C.L.E.A. application (pdf file).


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